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Apr 10th, 2021 by Thirty Minute Worlds at 7:58 pm

Chessman's on deck as Lore Lad, and this setting involving robots controlled by tiny beetles quickly careens off the deep end and into madness. Fortunately, Walter wisely fucks up his audio in what is known as the "Kunkle Maneuver," effectively pouring cold water on the setting for a bit and adding some much needed dampening of the energy. This one's very put there--it features a tropical island world patrolled by ironclad ships, LIZARD PEOPLE (at the insistence of Daniel), and a Clandestine Alliance of Weaponized Insectoid Robots™.

Prompts: Robot. Gutter. Tropical.

Reach out to the Lore Lads on twitter @lorelads or at

Our amazing artist is Chelle Torre--follow her on twitter @jovialparadox

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