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“Chasing The Eschaton”
Apr 24th, 2021 by Thirty Minute Worlds at 2:38 pm

The stars align and the boys not only create a grand slam episode, but also miraculously manage to get it published on time. Chessman is Lore Lad, and the crew outlines a world where a team of wizards harness the sorcerous energies of an armageddon that hasn’t yet happened as a magical power source. What could go wrong?

Featuring animal mutations, magitek, dome cities, the darkness at the heart of humanity, “heavy light,” and the machinations of Doctor Wizard, a man of many (competing) names.

Prompts: Ear. Yawn. Owl.

Reach out to the Lore Lads on twitter @lorelads or at

Our amazing artist is Chelle Torre--follow her on twitter @jovialparadox


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