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‘Quantum Autodrive: Chaos on the Back Nine’
Jun 5th, 2021 by Thirty Minute Worlds at 1:41 pm

Belvin's momentary absence from the podcast is all it takes for the boys to strike creative gold. In the far future, bioweapons have advanced to the point of sophistication that would make any war an extinction-level event. The Earth's greatest athletes play games of golf inside giant, space-ready robots to resolve international disputes.

But the mysterious Dark Golfer and the secretive organization NOCOUNTRY have an alternative, terrifying vision of the future, and they're disrupting the game in order to make it a reality.

Prompt words: Bioweapon. Shoes. Golf.

Reach out to the Lore Lads on twitter @lorelads or at

Our amazing artist is Chelle Torre--follow her on twitter @jovialparadox

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