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‘Crabstar‘s Wroth‘
Aug 13th, 2021 by Thirty Minute Worlds at 1:40 pm

WE'RE BACK! Walter comes down to visit and the boys record in person for the first time. Their minds obliterated by shitty light beer, none of them could remember what this episode was about. In lieu of a coherent description, we're going to present, unaltered, the notes the boys scrawled on a Papa John's box:

THE CRABSTAR, ZOM extending a claw-shaped solar flare to wipe out the planet

spider crab people, whole ass crustaceans
spider crab people came from space?

in order to generate enough force, they would have to destroy the planet, underground steam geyser

zach rants about gravity or some shit

canals are attempt to avert apocalypse?

check out heavy crab youtube channel

Prompt Words: Fly. Frame. Canal.


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